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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Three Caches Found and all FTFs!

I really wanted to get to this brand spanking new cache area first thing in the morning. One because it was newly listed and two because it had three caches about .10th of a mile apart and there is nothing like quick grab and go's.

Besides, it was on my way to work (okay, about 5 miles out of my way, but hey).

So I shot out of the house and reached the site about 6:10am. Perfect.. Nobody around and I appeared to have the whole road to myself. Fantastic, I decided to work on the three caches from the farthest one out and work my way in, ohhhh, this was going to be fun.

Hit the first two with no problem and just started looking for the third when a white pickup pulled up. There was a very nice gentleman inside and as he walked up to me he had a big smile on his face. After reading the back of my car which promptly states "Hard Hat Brotherhood: Fun, Farting and Friendship - Join Us!", I think he knew who I was.

"I recognize you", he said, "You must be HeadHardHat".

"That would be me", I replied and put out my hand in friendship. The gentleman's name is Zuni (1208zuni) a regular in this area and quite the geocacher with almost 3000 finds.

We spent a good 10 or 15 minutes shooting the breeze and scouring the area for the final cache. Zuni was able to recover it first and said we should co-FTF this one. Very cool. Had a real pleasant conversation that I would have loved to continue but had to cut it a bit short due to that whole "work" thing. Before we left I was invited to an upcoming event and look forward to many more talks with Zuni and the rest of the Geocaching community. What a great hobby to be a part of and some really great people to get together with.

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