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Friday, January 23, 2009

That Time of Year To Cleanup Your Geocaches

Yeah the new year has come and I am noticing that several of my caches have shown to be needing repair. Either the log books have been wet due to the snow or rain, several have just plain come up missing or they just need a boost of new swag to fill them back up. Either way I feel it is just good policy to make sure your caches are in fine working order and worthy of a find to others.

Today I was at the outer ridge of my territory and had noticed a couple of caches that I was either told the velcro was worn or the host was recently hit by a car and I should check them out, that sort of stuff. So on my lunch hour I validated that two of them were indeed in place and people are just not finding them, one was several yards from where it should be and put back in place and one was just gone. Not sure if it was moved or taken, though it was in a very non-muggle area.

I replaced the missing cache and then topped it all off by stopping by my geocache hotel and filled what I could back up with swag. Love that dollar store. I guess I am going to have to go through my other 94 caches to see who needs what. It might take a while but if I can provide quality geocaches to the finders. I did my job right.

How is your caches?


Unknown said...

Good article. I agree with the commitment to maintain. It is helpful when cachers let you know when things need attention, particularly when you have lots of caches out.

Anonymous said...

I certainly admire your commitment. My goal is to try to look at my caches 2-3 times during their accessible time of the year. I have nothing even close to the number of caches you do and perhaps that won't be possible when I do.
I wish all cache hiders were dedicated to cache maintenance. Perhaps we wouldn't then run across the "baggy in the tree stump" scenario.

P.J. said...

Holy smokes you have a lot of hides!

I have nine and I'm looking forward to going out for a full day of maintenance in the spring. I'm going to start putting some things together to put in the caches and clean 'em out etc. One of the people I cache with takes one day every spring to go and perform all the fixings on their caches. I'm going to do the same I think.

Good article.

A \'lil HooHaa