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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ickiest FTF Ever!

Found the geocache but I may be scarred for life. This FTF may have been left with good intentions but it is a nasty place to hide it. I am not getting into the gory details but if I say six mostly decomposed deer, sharp glass and metal everywhere. You get the idea.

Even my FTF geocaching nemisis gave up on it yesterday because of the smell. Just goes to show you that just because you can place a geocache does not mean that you should.


Just John said...

So, what was the point of interest that the CO was trying to show you? Sounds like a real head-scratcher.

Unknown said...

And thus the pair of ducks....

If he wanted to find a more dangerous place he would be hard pressed. I kid you not there were old canisters of propane, gasoline cans, every kind of broken bottles and torn metal laying around everywhere. He actually marked the cache as kid friendly! Friendly how, to explain to your six year old how Bambi died? Dunno.

The cache site was even more scary where it was hidden. Picture a large truck tire with no rim. The inside of it is filled with trash, broken bottles and other crap. So you start off having to sort through the crap and look inside the tire. Can we say snake hole? Still no luck so you have to physically lift this dirty truck tire up to find the cache underneith. Talk about an accident waiting to happen. The thing is going to get muggled anyways because the hunters us it for small pit fires or to dump their garbage.. What a joke.

tonka_boy said...

I'd send a note to the reviewer, not requesting that they do anything, just a note reporting the dangers around the hide. And I'd put a long post on the "Found It" cache page, warning of others of what they will run into.