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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Geocaching TB Photograph To Make You Smile

One of the cooler things about having a Geocache Travel Bug is how geocachers love to photograph them. Sometimes you receive a shot that shows when a geocacher really gets it and puts that extra thought into the picture. It really can make you smile when they do. Here's a good example.

Meet my extra special "Bill Engvall" tribute travel bug. In one of his routines, Bill describes an unusual animal known as the "DorkFish" and he has a really strong appetite for one thing: corndogs.

Geocacher Coresrlooking took Dorkfish on a nice 556.4mile ride but before they let him go they fed him.. Yep the kids made sure he had a nice helping of corndogs... How cool is that?

Thanks guys Dorkfish really appreciated it and so do we...

You can keep up with Dorkfish as he continues his adventures by watching his travel bug page here:


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