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Thursday, March 18, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD: Attempting To Finish The Jewelry Series.

Today's Lunchtime Geocache of the Day was a bit of an adventure. You see my most used and trusted equipment failed. Yep my Black Berry is no longer even on it's last legs. At the moment it has a nasty issue of powering off about every 10 minutes or so. Today I was within 80 feet of ground zero and it died on me again. Yes I wanted to toss it into the rather swampy water nearby but instead just shoved it in my pocket and continued searching. After a partial soaker and using some pejoratives I haven't used in a while I was able to actually find it on my own.

So yes if you put two and two together and realize that I am wearing the same shirt as yesterday you will know why. My camera is my phone - sigh. The find for today is another of the jewelry series so the caches are all identical. This means another bead for me and only a few more to go. This will open up even more caches on my list ;)

So that is how it goes with technology. If you use something like a smart phone for geocaching even if you have not done anything disastrous like drop it on a rock or in a river it still takes a lot of wear and tear. The bad news is I have to go out and get a new phone. The good news is I have to go out and get a new phone... Will let you know what I end up with.

If you have any suggestions as to what you feel is the absolute best smart phone for geocaching with please let me know. My tastes are very simple I want the very best.

Now it's off to the drive-thru (again).

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Art said...

If You have Verizon, the Android and Eris are good phones.

bryonBITS said...

I've been using my Blackberry for a while too, and it is dieing. I've been looking for a new phone that has a 'magnetometer' or an 'e-compass'. Apparently the Verizon's Droid has, but as I am in Canada do not have access to it.

The iPhone also has one, but I find that the battery drains too quickly when geocaching.

I'm moving to Google's Nexus One (it's on it's way). We'll see how it works.

Mike Connick said...

I use my iPhone exclusively for caching. I have found that my iPhone 3GS battery lasts quite a bit longer than my 3G one did, but I still carry a backup with me if I'm going to be caching more than about 5 hours.

UU-Jester said...

Team-Ducky uses our iPhones. I think the geocaching app combined with the iPhone multipurpose functionality makes it the best. Good luck.