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Monday, March 8, 2010

Where in the World is Pete the Parrot?

Well apparently my travel bug Pete the Parrot is back to his wondering ways. He attended a geocaching event in Germany over the weekend where he was discovered about a dozen times and since then has landed in Espace Mittelland, Switzerland (BE/SO) that is about 335.6mi S of where he was.

Pete has 10617 miles as the crow flies and it now does not appear to be slowing down. I hope he sends back some nice photos of his time in Switzerland.

Go Pete Go! What a party animal.

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Meg (Scrappy) and Kevin (Scout) said...

I just wanted to say I love reading your blog. I am from Wisconsin and am fellow cacher my numbers are not as high as yours buti promote the hobby/obession alot I am also a proud memeber of the WGA (Wisconsin Geocaching Assosication). The reason I am getting in contact with you is I saw on one of your geosnipits epesode of a 35 mm film canister and putting a plastic grocery bag in it and using it for CITO. I have not seen that done in WIsconsin and I wanted to start it here. I have about 30 canister loaded and ready to go but I am looking for stickers to put on the canisters. Do you hae any links or information on where I can get some. And also how did you get the word out on what to do with the stuff so people dont take the canister and leave the bag LOL. any help would be great thanks in advance.

Scout (Kevin)
you can E-mail me at otdoorsman@wi.rr.com

The Waverly Inn and Hendersonville, NC said...

I just wanted to echo Scrappy and Scout's comments. I LOVE reading your blog. I do have a question though: What's your opinion about this proposed "ban" on geocaching in public lands in North Carolina? I am really sorry to hear about this. Geocaching is one of the most fun and interesting activities out there today. It doesn't cost a lot of money...it get's people off he couch and out of the house...and it helps people appreciate the environment. My 17 year old daughter loves to geocache with her old man. I understand the cliche "one bad apple....", but putting a ban on all geocaching on public lands is outrageous. After all, it is we who pay for those lands to be public isn't it? I'm just sayin'....?