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Thursday, March 4, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD: Must Have Thingamabob: Inspection Mirror

Today's Lunchtime Geocache of the day is not necessarily about the find but the tool to help find the find. It was a grate find (no not great - a drainage grate) and I really do not like exploring these popular hiding spots for two reasons. One spiders, black widows are rather common and even though we are not out of Winter's grasp yet I am uncomfortable reaching into spots I can't see. The second is many times I have to get on all fours to explore these.

My solution, a three foot expandable inspection mirror. Just place your mirror so you can see underneath and all around without getting your knees dirty. A helpful hint from the HeadHardHat to you.

Oh you can pick these up at any auto store for about $6.00US.

You can find a big listing of other really helpful thingamabobs at my posting here:


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