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Friday, March 12, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - Treasure Trove of 35mm Containers.

Yes I found a micro today near the shopping center I visited to get these - a big ole bag of 35mm containers. Much to my delight most of them are the white ones with the tight inside seal instead of the loose cap tops that tend to be less waterproof.

How did I get them? Very simple, I asked. Yep called up my local camera store and asked for the empties. They were more than glad to give them to me. In fact I made arrangement so that I could pick them up once a month or so. There manager was so cool that she wrote my name and number on the box and when it gets full she gives me a ring. I just love it and thanked them profusely.

This will work with my CITO plans later in the year. I will be putting plastic grocery bags in many of these as I distribute them into other geocaches as I go. The outside will have a sticker that states CITO so the next finder can pick up trash on the way back to their cars. Replace the plastic bag and put the 35mm container back into their next find. Then on and on it goes.

I know this has been done before and I have found these canisters in the past. I just like the idea so much that I would like to continue the tradition.. Lets help keep our game board, our planet clean.


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ACK said...

their great for caches as well. Cache On!!!!!