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Friday, March 5, 2010

TB Pete The Parrot Back To His Partying Ways

Okay this one falls under the category of "never expected this, now what?".

Pete the Parrot is a real party animal. He is a travel bug that went into the wild way back in April of 2008. Since then Pete left the United States in August,2008 in search of the companionship with geocachers abroad.

Pete has partied in Turkey, Oppland, Sweden, Islas Baleares and over a year ago landed in Nordrhein-Westfalen. He has seen more of the world and hung out in more interesting places than I can only dream of.

Then suddenly around September of last year Pete stopped moving. I didn't really notice until recently and sent out an email to the last person who recorded having him. The response that came back sort of bugged me a bit.

Apparently the geocacher who had found Pete in September had died. The email was from his wife who said she had found Pete with the geocaching stuff left by her husband and that she would get him back in circulation soon. I wrote back and gave my condolences and thanked her for getting Pete back into the wild.

Now how many times does something like that happen? I have heard of travel bugs being lost, stolen or abandonded by noob geocachers who lost interest in the game but to loose a travel bug due to a geocachers death? Hit me odd for some reason.

Has anyone heard of this happening before? Let me know.


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