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Thursday, March 25, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - When Construction Strikes

There are many ways that a geocache can get "muggled". It can be seen by an actual muggle and tampered with, taken or destroyed. Animals can move into the geocache or take it to another location. I personally have had a geocache that was placed in an area designated for a controlled burn (it was a crispy cinder by the time I got to it). Weather can sweep away a geocache faster than anything. Finally a geocache can be placed in an area and carted away by construction. My Lunchtime Geocache of the Day unfortunately seems to have had that very thing happen to it.

The plan and we all know what happens when we make a plan, was to go and get the final two beads from the Jewelry Series I had been working on the past month or so. I was all ready to swoop in and just get'r done. The first geocache was actually so close to the construction that I thought it was gone right off the bat. Fortunately it was the next tree over from the point the construction had stopped so I was able to retrieve it.

The final geocache wasn't so lucky and you can see quite plainly that it went when the surrounding area was plowed. The best I can do now is notify the owner and let them shut down the cache until after everything has calmed down.

It's a shame when it happens but it does.

Now time for some grub...

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1 comment:

Fafara said...

I had this happen to me while looking for a micro near work. Guess we all learned a valuable lesson that day: never hide caches in dead/sick trees. :p Thankfully it was replaced about a week later in a nearby spot.