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Friday, March 5, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - The Elusive Bison Tube

Bison tubes are a real love'm/hate'm type of geocache. Many like how they have an almost mystical capability to blend in with their environment. Ever try to find a bison tube in a grape vine before? Others dislike them because of the apparent lite weight o-rings that dry out and break over a very short amount of time. This allows moisture into the bison tube and you end up with a soggy log book.

Well regardless of how you feel about bison tubes there are tons of them out there waiting for you to find them. So grab that GPS unit and do some serious micro hunting! Good Luck.

Hey do you know the proper way to put a log book back into the bison tube?

Here's a tip from the HeadHardHat to you...

Always roll the log book as tight as you can. Usually a toothpick or needle can be a good base to wrap the log book around for starts. Then when you have the log book as tight as possible put the logbook into the cap (not the base) first. The cap is a little smaller than the base and it will slide right in place. Otherwise you are trying to jam the cap onto the logbook and that never works. You end up having to rewrap the log book all over again.

See you out on the trails,


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Phillip said...

I wish I'd of known that trick for putting the log back into the bison tube before I had to take the time to figure it out on my own on a 20 degree windy day.

The Waverly Inn and Hendersonville, NC said...

Yup, I agree, but learning the hard way sometimes is the mother of invention. Keep those tips coming! We can't wait to see the TV Show.