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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching Podcast - Show #199 Placing Your First Geocache

I tell you what, last night's recording for the Geocaching Podcast was a whole lot of fun. The subject was also one of my favorites to talk about which was Placing Your First Geocache. When it comes to GeoSnippits questions that is one of the top on the list to be answered. Everything from how soon should a geocacher be allowed to place their first hide to what actually makes a good geocache hide. Plenty to talk about there.

Xpunkx, Darrylw4 and myself were in attendance and in good voice. Talkshoe which is the recording web site we use was it's usual cranky self. There is always an issue of not being able to sign in and even when we do get into Talkshoe there are usually some sort of technical issue or six to make us want to pull our hair out. Like last week where I couldn't participate because I sounded like a Cylon on crack. All part of the fun of doing a live recording.

Fortunately everything was smoothed out just in time to start the show at 9:30pm EST. We had another really good turn out in the chat room again. Great to see all the familiar names and a whole bunch of new ones, as always welcome. It doesn't matter what is going on during the show a good discussion is always in play within the chat room. Usually what happens is Xpunkx, Darrylw4 or I are talking about a particular subject and that seeds ongoing discussions in the chat room. Then many times we feed off those discussions and on and on it goes. A great way to keep things fresh and also keep everyone involved. That is also why it is so important to have the fans show up when we record each and every week!

The show content was great and we covered A LOT of material within our usual 30+ minute encounter. My favorites were talking about what makes a good geocache container and where are the best places NOT to hide them. A great discussion all around.

Well that about raps it up for this weeks show. For those who did not make the live recording the show itself will be available in the next day or so. If you have any questions about the show or my involvement with it please be sure to email me a note at headhardhat@gmail.com or go to the Geocaching Podcast website for all the information you will need.

Until next week. Hear You There!


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