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Friday, April 8, 2011

HHH's GotD - DNF's Are Not A Bad Thing

Heading for hide number one = DNF

Okay I admit that I broke some of my own rules when it comes to lunchtime geocaching. One if you are on a lunch hour you really need to concentrate on the park and grabs. Meaning the 1.5/1.5 difficulty and terrains. You know the infamous LPC (Lamp Post Caches) aka Skirt Hides, that sort of thing. Geocaches that should take ten minutes tops so you can find and sign then get on to lunch. Today I went after yet another 2.5 geocache that I knew would take me a bit longer to get but still wanted to get out there and enjoy the springtime weather. 

Heading for hide number two = FIND
So did I go after the geocache that was only 400 feet off one way of a nature trail? Oh no, I went for the 2.5 which was half a mile down the other way. So what happened? I ended up spending 25 minutes looking for a regular that was "next to a log" in an area of about 40 logs. Needless to say I had to give up on this one and try it again some other time.

A big old DNF (Did Not Find) for me. Some geocachers do not log DNFs for some reason. Maybe they feel it is a bad mark that some how haunts them. Others may feel it is a sign of poor geocaching abilities. I don't really understand the logic but the fact is a DNF actually is a great thing to log. One it gives you that incentive to give it another try or maybe sometimes several tries. Another reason DNFs are good is because the geocache owner gets notice that maybe the geocache may be missing. So take it from your friendly neighborhood HHH and be sure to mark your DNFs. Believe me when I say that no one else is watching and if they are they need a new hobby.

So after all that, what was the conclusion to today's adventure? After I DNF'd the first attempt I went for another geocache that was nearby and found that one. I don't always have that luxury but this time it was there and I took the chance for a find. Glad I did.

Now I have only a few minutes to hit a nearby drive thru.
Cami Pill Bottle In Tree

Till Monday's geocaching adventure...


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stinger503 said...

Only thing I hate about DNFs is when the cache get archived before I can find it. It's like a permanent black mark on your record

Phillip said...

I remember one time I logged a DNF, and the owner of the cache had just been out just before I got there and was on his way home to archive it as missing. He was nice enough to email me about the cache being missing.