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Thursday, April 28, 2011

HHH's GOTD: Magnetic Key Holder

Fortunately for me the weather is still cooperating for my lunchtime Geocache of the Day. A bit on the windy side but the temps are comfortable and as usual I am having a blast. I dashed out today because of a computer class I will be taking right after lunch. So this Geocache of the Day had to be a park and grab.

What was found at ground zero was this very nice cami'd magnetic key holder. Now normally these geocaches can be a poor choice. Mainly because key holders are not waterproof, not even close. So the end result is that your log book being a slimy pile of goo. This one in particular was hidden under a large ledge so water was not nearly as much of a factor. Which makes a very good key point that key holders are best hidden inside or under a well covered area. This will help keep your log book drier. You might also want to consider to periodically replace the little plastic baggie that many key holders have for the log book. The seals do not last as long as you might think and you may need to change them.

Until tomorrow's next geocaching adventure.


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