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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HHH's GotD: The Lock N Lock Geocache

Geocachers for the most part love discussing about the different types of geocaching containers available. Everything from magnetic nanos to ammo boxes, bison tubes to the truly creatives. One of my favorite sayings when telling someone what geocaching actually is I usually use the phrase "Using a billion dollar satellite system to find Tupperware in the woods". That is sort of ironic now because we really don't use Tupperware anymore. The plastic containers we use now a days have improved dramatically. For example, the past few years I have been using Lock N Lock boxes. Here's why.

There are a couple of factors you want to consider if you are going to hide a geocache made of plastic. The first and foremost is of course the seal. Not only should you get a solid seal but is the plastic container heavy duty enough to withstand the outside elements of your environment. Note to all. Those inexpensive transfer containers, my advice, please don't use them. They are not durable enough to deal with the heat and moisture of being outside. Spend the dollar or two more and get something durable. Your fellow geocachers will appreciate it greatly.
A final thought, so this does not seem like a Lock N Lock commercial. There are now many different brands of heavy duty plastic containers out there besides Lock N Lock. It's just in the geocaching community those style of geocaches have been associated to the name. My whole point is do your research before putting out a plastic based geocache. Make sure it is as waterproof as possible and that it will withstand the environment you are placing it in. Heat, cold and moisture is always a factor.

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John said...

Just to further help get rid of the lock and lock commercial aspect, I have found that Rubbermaid has a good line of locking containers. Can be found relatively cheap if you get the 20 piece sets. And they have stood up fairly well in the rain soaked northwest.

NativTxn said...

I found a nice Lock & Lock container at King $1.09 Store the other day. It was tinted blue (but still clear) and had High School Musical stuff on the top. Who cares? It'll be covered/camo'd anyway and is about 8" long and 2" thick. It is a good thick plastic, too. Good buy. I think I'll use one to make a nice Letterbox Hybrid container since it will accommodate a big stamp, pad and log.