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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HHH's GotD: Bison, Bison, Who's Got The Bison

Red Bison Tube Attached To
Today's Geocache of the Day deals with an oldie but a goodie - bison tubes.

Bison tubes and their pill holding cozens have come a long way over the past few years. When first introduced it looked like these log only micros would only be one size and black, silver or green in color. Now they have multiple sizes and every color you can think of. With all their size, shape and color combinations the principle behind them is still the same. Being so small they are easy to hide and not so easy to find. Especially if the color selection and placement are matched up correctly. Then they can be a real pain for a geocacher.

Bison tubes usually have three main parts. The base, which is the larger part of the bison tube, the cap and the ring. Inside is a very small log book which usually gives the geocacher enough room to put the date and their name and that's about it. Always remember to wind up the log book as tight as possible and put in the CAP first before putting the rest of the log into the tube. This ensures the log will fit correctly.

When it comes to finding bison tubes for me personally they are very tough. The example shown today was a simple placement of a bison tube in a street sign. Not too hard but put one of these micros on a fence in a field, in a pine tree or for the absolute worst in a grape vine. They literally seem to disappear and are only visible when they want to be. This of course is never when I am trying to find one.

A bison tube can fit in a huge assortment of nooks and crannies. So if ground zero has a lot of places to look for a geocache a real challenge can be made. They are really one of those geocaches we love to hate.

Until tomorrows next geocaching adventure...


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