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Friday, April 22, 2011

HHH's Geocache of the Day: Emergency Geocache Repair Kit

Today's Geocache of the Day deals with the situation of geocache repair and what you can do to help. Read on fellow cacher.

If you are a geocacher that takes geocaching seriously then you most likely have learned to take certain necessities with you just about every time you venture out. Things like food, water, extra clothes and first aid kits are a good start. What I am suggesting is another necessity that you should consider and that is the EGRK or Emergency Geocache Repair Kit. As your number of finds grow you increase the odds of coming upon a geocache that has been damaged and needs repair. Sure you can just sent a note to the geocache owner and have them deal with it but wouldn't it be better for everybody if you just fix the issue right then and there? I'm not talking complete replacement but there are some common repairs that any community friendly geocacher would take upon themselves to fix. For example:

Wet logs, happens all the time. A seal breaks or a top was not put on correctly and the next thing you know the log book is goo. Having some pre-printed log books in your EGRK could make this situation a quick fix.

Baggies, those nice little baggies only have a finite number of open and closes per bag before the seal is shot. Keeping a few of these extra in your EGRK would help keep logs out in the wild a bit drier for a bit longer. They only cost pennies and the help to the geocaching community is greatly appreciated.

Duck Tape (Duct Tape), Every once in a while a geocacher accidentally pokes a hole in the top or side of a plastic geocache. Using some good ole duck tape would help temporarily keep a geocaches precious trinkets away from the elements before the geocache owner can replace the container. An EGRK staple in my book.

I have made a GeoSnippits tutorial video about making your own EGRK. If you are interested you can see the video by clicking this link:

Oh and why did I call it the Emergency Geocache Repair Kit instead of the Geocache Emergency Repair Kit.. Well who wants to make a GERK? Looked to much like jerk to me ;)

Until tomorrow's next geocaching adventure...


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