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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Geocaching World - In the Beginning

HeadHardHat is the Host of RVNN.tv's
new show Geocaching World
HHH Note: These were my thoughts the evening of 4/21/2011 as I sat in one of my favorite eating establishments and collecting my thoughts. Enjoy.

So what is it like to be a host of a brand new Internet TV show? 
After just finishing up the recording of the premier two episodes the first thing that comes to mind is exhilarating, magical and exhausting. The name of the show is Geocaching World and will be seen each and every week via Ustream and the RVNN.tv network. What is the RVNN all about? Well RVs of course and what do RVrs do? Well go geocaching of course. Of all the programming RVNN does 90% deals with what RVrs do and not necessarily just about the RVs themselves. It's a perfect fit.
So tonight we did the initial taping. I was not entirely sure how this was going to work but the gist is there was Courtney and Andy who did all the production behind the scenes work and Dave Dufour who is kind of a co-host who directs the show by asking me questions about geocaching that I answer and converse back with him. As we record the show they use a lot of content from my GeoSnippits videos and geocaching photos. They are used as visuals for the discussion at the time. We do three seven minute segments per show.
The real cool part was the LIVE chat room which had several fellow geocaches as we recorded. It always is great because geocaches love to talk about geocaching and it actually helps with the show.
After two hours of discussion it was over. Now that some time has passed I can tell how pumped up I must have been because I am really exhausted. I know one of the most popular questions that will be asked is when with Geocaching World air. The answer is very soon and the second I find out I will let everybody know so they can watch. If you want to come and actually see us do the recording please be sure to come visit each Thursday at 6:30 PM EST by going to this link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/rvnn-live where you can join the chat room. We actually mention any questions or geocachers that make comments during the taping so feel free to bring up discussions or ask questions. The show is all about geocaching so come along and join the fun.

See you there!
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Anonymous said...

HHH. Congrats but whatever happened to your own GC show "TreasureCace TV"??