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Thursday, April 7, 2011

HeadHardHat't GotD - Walking The Greenways

Beautiful day on the greenway.
Today's Geocache of the Day had me huffing and puffing whilst enjoying some amazing springtime hiking. The sky was blue, sun was shining and I saw more wildlife on this mile long walk. We saw robins, bluebirds, cardinals and even squirrels. Their were a couple of really good hills to get over but I managed. There is no time to get back in shape (round is no longer acceptable) than the present.

Keeping the log dry.

What I found was the typical bison tube in a bush but what I really liked was the use of that plastic container that comes inside the bison when it is shipped. It makes a great protector for the logs within the bison tube. Kudos for the usage.

Welp, because of the amount of time for the walk today I had to go through the drive through and back to work.

Till tomorrow's geocaching adventure...


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1 comment:

GeoProspectorS said...

Wow, what a gorgeous hike to the cache!! Jealous here. It's April, but we still have snow on the ground and gloomy skies here in Alaska. Have to keep reminding ourselves everything will soon be green and great for hiking again.
“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” ;)