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Friday, April 29, 2011

HHH's Geocache of the Day: Yep, That Would Be A Chicken Sitting On That There 35mm Geocache

HHH's GotD (Geocache of the Day)

There is always a hot debate when it comes to LPC (Lamp Post Caches) or what is commonly referred to as 'Skirt Hides'. It doesn't matter what you call them they are the micro geocaching hides that are found under the aprons of parking lot lamp posts. They are usually quick park and grabs which can be found just about anywhere. The great thing about LPC's is if you are on a numbers run they are easy to find and you can practically roll down your car window to retrieve. The bad thing about them is they are everywhere, tons of them and they are almost always the same old "oh there it is" kind of find. BORING!

On the other hand there are some creative geocachers out there that are trying to make things more exciting when you raise the skirt, err, so to speak. To do this sometimes the geocache places has been creatively modified. Many times in rather humorous ways. As you note with today's Geocache of the Day photo someone attached a rubber chicken to the top of a standard 35mm container. I don't know about you but it made me smile when I found it. In the past I have seen some really creative and bizarre things placed in LPCs and I hope the trend continues. It makes the difference from a boring find to one that adds value to the geocaching world.

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Adirondackcountrygal said...

I've found one with a alligator attached to it!

Mark Rainey said...

The very realistic-looking rubber spider attached to one sure gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Well, more fuzzy than warm.

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday I found one that instead of a 35 mm canister, it was a cool dinosaur head in the shape of an egg. very cool